Judgment Goes Both Ways

Anyone who reads my blog knows that Daddy and I love fur. No shame here or guilty pleasure status. It’s one of those things we both take pleasure in looking at, wearing and owning. It passes into our kink list as well. I have a handful of real fur pieces which delight me to no end and I wear them on the rare occasions it’s … Continue reading Judgment Goes Both Ways

Reality Punch in the Face

The last couple of days I’ve been especially honest in my reactions to people. I am finding more and more that I am most certainly my mother’s daughter! She was loved and respected by many… and intensely disliked by others. Daddy described my style of communication as a reality punch in the face earlier today. I tend to agree. There are those who love it … Continue reading Reality Punch in the Face

Blunt isn’t always bad

So many people have the expectation that others will be gentle with their feelings and pussy foot around an issue. There’s also an expectation many people have that everything will be handled in private. I’m not wired that way. It’s not a bad thing. The same supervisor that went through the hurt feelings aren’t always your fault alone routine with me, also had a similar … Continue reading Blunt isn’t always bad

Ex’s are ex’s for a reason!

When I first joined Facebook I did what everyone did…. look up old friends, classmates, exs, co-workers, distant relatives. Curiosity. Hey, I wonder whatever happened to (blank)? I stumbled across my very first boyfriend. Let’s call him, Todd. He gave me a paragraph update on his life. Brief, polite. Ending with “My wife and I don’t allow friends with ex’s in our relationship”. I was … Continue reading Ex’s are ex’s for a reason!