Wild kitten & Master strike again

NSFW Adult Content– 18 and older only! Master subdued the assailant for His Wild kitten. Master had him shackled in iron chains, blindfolded, and frightened of what’s to come! Wild kitten walked in to the sight of him helpless and suffering. Guttural laughter of sheer delight bubbled up knowing what she had in store for him!! Wild kitten circled Her prey eager to begin. his … Continue reading Wild kitten & Master strike again

FedEx Bliss

No, i didn’t have a quickie with the FedEx delivery guy!!!! ;P Better yet… he brought the best presents ever!! Daddy bought me a fox fur vest for my birthday and it arrived yesterday. His Daddy’s Day gift came yesterday, too. Both of them a couple weeks early, but intent is everything. Have i mentioned yet that Daddy and i share a fur fetish? If … Continue reading FedEx Bliss

Shhhhh…. Don’t Tell Anyone!

Stranded. Helpless. Over-powered. Fear in my eyes. Struggling to breathe. Bound. Abducted! These are among the things my naughty, kinky little brain fantasizes about. Daddy brought our joint fantasies into reality. I walked my dog in the park on a sunny Thursday afternoon oblivious to any danger. Watched Ruffian run and sniff carefree. The sunshine warm on my bare shoulders and legs. A shiver of … Continue reading Shhhhh…. Don’t Tell Anyone!