Flashlights, Ghost stories & Kink (18+ only)

What does any newly wed couple do when you’re all alone, there’s no electricity and hours of darkness? Yeah… that’s exactly what we did! *giggles* We snuggled in for an early night, cocktail in hand, for a bit of fun. As the darkness fell all around us, we turned the flashlights on, shining them on the ceiling to give a nice glow to the room. … Continue reading Flashlights, Ghost stories & Kink (18+ only)

His Voice

NSFW Adult Content I have an aural fetish…. a kink which I don’t hear all that many people talking about. Voice… talking, the sound of a mans voice, inflection, tone…. this is one of the things which pushes me into submission and orgasm faster than anything else. It’s not all voices, all men. It’s less about what’s being said, than how. Phone sex was a … Continue reading His Voice

Wild kitten & Master strike again

NSFW Adult Content– 18 and older only! Master subdued the assailant for His Wild kitten. Master had him shackled in iron chains, blindfolded, and frightened of what’s to come! Wild kitten walked in to the sight of him helpless and suffering. Guttural laughter of sheer delight bubbled up knowing what she had in store for him!! Wild kitten circled Her prey eager to begin. his … Continue reading Wild kitten & Master strike again