Can spanking a child be sexual abuse?

I read an interesting article a few hours ago that says yes to this very question. One I’d never even considered until this read. A woman identified her spanking fetish at a very young age… around 5 or 6 years old. She identifies spanking as her sexual orientation because sex has no interest to her at all… spanking is her sole path to sexual gratification … Continue reading Can spanking a child be sexual abuse?

Hip Hip Hooray for Role Play!

Come play with me? Live out the fantasy of being someone new. Have sex with a stranger, get kidnapped, be a Russian spy interrogating an American CIA agent, do naughty things with your brother, be a cheap hooker or fuck an alien being with 10 tentacles. The scenarios are only limited by your imagination and what your partner consents to. I’d always been curious about … Continue reading Hip Hip Hooray for Role Play!

Look in My eyes, kitten! (18+, NSFW)

Daddy lulls me into submission with His smooth hypnotic voice commanding me to yield to Him. Be a good girl for Daddy and don’t struggle. His giant paws pinning both mine in one of His above my head. His other great paw scratching my tender white flesh leaving His mark before squeezing my nipples so hard my back arches and i beg for relief. Look Daddy in the … Continue reading Look in My eyes, kitten! (18+, NSFW)

Devotion (Erotica, NSFW, 18+)

I made it through dinner, crossing my legs tightly in a vain attempt to subdue my need for Daddy’s possession of His property…my cunt dripping to the point of aching. Eyes meeting over dinner, His hand sliding up my thigh dangerously close to my soaked panties. Behaving like the good girl I am, I held polite and fun dinner conversation rather than purring in Daddy’s … Continue reading Devotion (Erotica, NSFW, 18+)