10 Days & Counting!

Nothing brings out the little in me like my birthday! Sometime around April i start getting excited and reminding everyone around me that i have a birthday coming up. As it draws near i can hardly contain myself!!! In my little heart the entire month of June is my birthday, though i’m not one of those outwardly obnoxious people who force it on others 3 … Continue reading 10 Days & Counting!

BDSM Dates Back to Ancient Mesopotamia

As always, I’m astounded by the people who think they are qualified to be sex educators. As sexual creatures, we can all share our experience, tips and tricks and information we have gleaned from reputable sources. A Master’s Degree in sex education is required to actually educate others and know all the ins and outs (pun intended) of sexuality and all that goes with it. … Continue reading BDSM Dates Back to Ancient Mesopotamia

Kink continues though I’ve been away

For those of you who have been loyal followers, thank you for still popping in and liking old posts and such. Silly me, I didn’t write any of my passwords down, so when my laptop finally went kaput I was locked out of numerous accounts… this one included!!! Life has been good. We’re functioning “near” normal with the pandemic here, though I still mask up … Continue reading Kink continues though I’ve been away