Roe v. Wade Aftershock

I woke up from a nap yesterday afternoon to Daddy telling me had some bad news for me. I was not even remotely expecting that Roe v. Wade had been overturned! I honestly never thought it would happen. Then again, I never thought Trump had a snowball’s chance in Hell of being elected. I stand in horror once again at what the far right, religious … Continue reading Roe v. Wade Aftershock

Count Dracula… Oh My!!!

I started watching the old black and white Dracula movies with my father when I was around 4. Obviously, I didn’t understand the sexual undertones at that age. I still remember the beautiful women lying in bed wearing gorgeous nightgowns and being taken by surprise by the handsome, yet frightening Count Dracula. Vampire movies and books are still my favorite. The seed of a kink … Continue reading Count Dracula… Oh My!!!

Happy Summer Solstice

Tomorrow I will be celebrating the summer solstice in the Redwoods with Daddy and the puppies. I’m looking forward to this particular holiday. It’s a fire festival dedicated to the sun, the beginning of the harvest season and abundance among other things. The Goddess I work most closely with, Aine, is the traditional Goddess honored this solstice. Winds of change are blowing in our life … Continue reading Happy Summer Solstice

Catholicism v. Women

Big local headlines recently about the Arch Bishop of San Francisco denying Nancy Pelosi communion because she publicly supports abortion rights. Ms. Pelosi wasn’t chastised based on her personal beliefs, rather because she’s a woman in power exercising her voice for all women! The way women’s rights are being attacked by the Christian right, it wouldn’t surprise me if a new edition of The Witches … Continue reading Catholicism v. Women