Coffee Disaster

When it comes to coffee I’m specific and unwavering. I like a very strong brew nearly bitter with a solid dose of half and half. In a good coffee shop (not Starbcks!) I’ll enjoy the occasional Cafe A’lait or a dry Cappucino.

No sugar, no milk of any kind and certainly not almond or soy milk! It’s extremely rare that I am without half and half in the house. I will skip my morning coffee if I’m out. I’ll refuse coffee at a friends house without half and half. It’s the only way I like it. Flavored creamers don’t even do the trick. I’ll pass.

Half and half and butter are the only dairy foods which are guaranteed not to send my tummy into immediate distress. The doctor says it’s the fat content in them. For cereal and cooking purposes I always have almond milk in the fridge. Do you see the disaster coming?

It’s been almost a year since I put almond milk in my coffee and got the harsh reminder of just how terrible it is. I ran out of half and half a few days ago and have been sans coffee. The need for a cup kicked in. I did the unthinkable and poured almond milk in it!

The twisted look of sheer disgust took over my face as I reeled at the taste. I managed to be gracious enough not to spit it out. I did what every good girl does. “Here Daddy, you taste.” Misery loves company, afterall. He is a black coffee drinker, so He never likes my coffee. lol He took the tiniest of sips before the same look spread across His face. That big cup of steaming hot coffee went right down the kitchen sink.

The coffee disaster of 2021. Perhaps this year I’ll learn and not torutre myself with this again next year.

14 thoughts on “Coffee Disaster

  1. β€œLight” cream is my favorite. I am bi-coffees, meaning I can drink it black or with cream, not milk, most certainly not fat-free milk. Those two iterations of coffee are entirely different beverages, in my opinion.

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  2. These days, I am very specific about my coffee…so, I hear you, my friend! Two years ago, I decided to start abstaining from coffee while out (Starbucks, Dutch Bro’s). I cannot even fathom how much money I am saving on coffee at $4 bucks a pop. In any case…my choice in coffee is different than yours…but I find I just can’t deviate anymore…. hazelnut coffee brewed at home, with a touch of sugar-free vanilla creamer. Anything else just doesn’t taste right to me πŸ™‚

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    1. Yours sounds good, too. I used to love flavored coffees and creamers. I gave up regular trips to the coffee shops a few years ago, too. I was going almost daily for the longest time. Now when I go it’s a real treat! Daddy and I go to a little locally owned place with the best coffee and live bands and poetry readings on the weekends. Cheap date night. lol

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  3. Great minds think alike! I truly believe that every avid coffee drinker has their own ritual and coffee shops never get it quite right! I do occasionally treat myself to our local Starbucks when I am in the mood, but nothing beats a good cup of homebrew. πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ

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  4. My Queen is a lot like you. But she has discovered a creamer that is non dairy which she likes. If I remember I’ll look it up. She wants to try and get off the 1/2 and 1/2. It contains a carcinogen.

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    1. I’m curious about what carcinogen 1/2 and 1/2 contains. A dietician told me many years ago never to buy the non-fat half and half because it’s all chemicals. I tried a dairy free half and half last week and immediately gave it to my neighbor who happens to love it. lol

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    1. I’m really good, Harley. β™₯ Just took a breather and spent time doing other crafty and house stuff. πŸ™‚ Next thing I knew far too long had passed. Thank you for checking on me!!!! Hope all is well in your corner of the world, too!!!! πŸ˜‰


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