Life Rambles

Forgive the rambling that’s about to come gurgling out over this screen. Hopefully a bit will me interesting and a wee bit entertaining. My brain is busy with a zillion and one thoughts.

On a really fun note, I finally purchased the movie H@ME. It’s one of my very favorite little movies!! It’s happy, funny, upbeat and sure to turn my frown upside down. πŸ™‚ We won’t talk about how many times I’ve watched it since I bought it last week…

If these clips don’t make you at least crack a half smile we can’t be friends!!!

The end of March has arrived. Per usual it came in like a lion and is going out like a lamb. Lovely warm, sunny days. The sunlight is getting longer which never fails to excite me. I think we had more rain, cold and hail in March than we did the entire winter. Sunshine makes me happy and fills me with life.

Ruffi and Grumpy are finally on a nice daily walking schedule again. The cold and rain, the constant closures played into me having a hard time getting moving to get them out every day. All of us are far happier. I’m even getting Daddy out there some days with us. As most of you know, He sleeps during the day.

Back in early February I felt the overwhelming need to start prepping for our move. I packed and packed. Threw stuff away. Scrubbed most of the house so it’s easier to keep up for that final moving clean. I did so much in such a short period of time that I’ve sat back and relaxed waiting til it was time to do the big stuff. Well folks, it’s here.

The PODS container will be delivered on Monday, April 4th. That reminds me…. we need to do the car switcharoo so it has a place to go. We let the kids next door have our second parking spot since we have one car. We’re trading our covered spot for my friends uncovered spot right in front of our door. Simple, but a lot of people involved. lol

Daddy and I went down last week and ordered carpet for the house. It’s going in late May. We need to get all of the bulky furniture out pretty soon. Baseboards need to go in and all the touch up painting needs to be long since done.

With spring and my love all things pretty and floral, curb appeal has been fun. We picked a fun color for the front door. Daddy suggested (I’m stunned!) a darker shade of pink to match the fuschia plants in the front yard. Gooo Daddy!!!! I see it as being in the cranberry family with a bit more pink. It’s gonna be really pretty. I planted grass seeds a couple weeks ago in both yards and we have itsy bitsy grass shoots! They just came up a couple days ago. Just all of a sudden. Success at growing something from a seed never fails to make me giggle.

Daddy and I have been trying to get a plan together for where exactly we’re moving for months now. We switched from New Hampshire to Central Massachusetts to Maine and we can’t make a definitive choice. Last night I finally made a choice for us. I can see that He’s exasperated with all the decisions and choices. I’m the mover and shaker and get things done person in our marriage. πŸ˜›

I’ve wanted to get an RV for a really long time and drive cross country. Have it for those weekend getaways and just because or a seperate space for guests when they come. So my decision is to buy a really nice residential style 5th wheel and give us several months to enjoy a leisurely trip back East. See all the sights in California we didn’t get to before we leave. Drive Route 66 and stop at all the fun, random spots for as long as we want to. Visit the cities and town we’ve been looking at moving to. Physically look at houses and neighborhoods before making a major life decision. Have the safety and comfort of our own place to make a major life transition.

Each time I’ve had money every penny has gone to something really responsible. For the first time in my life I don’t have an anchor of debt or responsibility weighing me down. I’ve always wanted to travel. Hell, I’ve barely been out of a 200 mile radius of San Francisco. It’s my turn to treat myself, travel a little, splurge on a few things. Take a vacation and start our new life all relaxed and with memories I’ll have for a lifetime. A smaller house or a small mortgage is worth that to me!

I didn’t understand some of the decisions my mom made when she inherited the house and a nice chunk of cash from her aunt and uncle. It seemed frivolous and selfish. I was a teenager. I didn’t have the life experience to begin to understand. I’m only a few years younger than she was. She took 2 really extensive and luxurious vacations, bought a sailboat and joined a yacht club. When she retired a few years later she bought the house up here and settled into the life she wanted for herself.

Sound familiar? LOL For the first time in a really long time I can thank her. The home her aunt gave her bought the one she gave to me which will buy my new home. I’m having a several month long wonderful vacation and buying a motor home rather than a boat. *giggles* Maybe I’ll buy a sailboat, too? I miss it like you can’t believe.

From the time I was about 10 I lived a very middle class lifestyle. The house was small, but nice and in a good neighborhood. Classy, upscale furniture. My mom’s friends were lawyers, judges, doctors, engineers for Lockeed Martin and the likes. I was the kid that spent weekends at the yacht club or on the water sailing. I grew up going to cultural events and museums. I put myself through a fairly prestigious private Catholic universtiy. This is the lifestyle I perpetuated for myself in most of my adulthood. I tell you this because I’m on the precipe of making the decision that solidifies my choice to live this life. It’s who I am. I’m admittably a bit of a snob, but not pretentious.

My mom always said life really starts at 50. That’s when she grabbed it by the tail and lived the hell out of it. I’m feeling that exact sentiment these days.

11 thoughts on “Life Rambles

  1. Oh yeah 50 is about right #1 son moved back in when I was 52. Moved out again when I was 55. The dogs died when I was 64. No encumbrances, right? Well wife needs to officially retire. Then travel whenever we want, unless we get another dog. Hmm we could always take the dog. Have fun.

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  2. I think that the thought that life really begins at 50 is just we have finally reached a place in life where we are you don’t like it there is the door. We are comfortable in who we are and what we have to offer. At least that is how I am choosing to view myself. And omg am I jelly of the plan. You are going to have such an awesome time. Too bad the borders are closed I would suggest you make a small Canadian detour. πŸ™‚

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    1. I think you’re exactly right about the reasons behind 50 being the best years. One of these days when the world is back to “normal” we’ll definitely make the trip! I’d love to hang out with you!! Do I owe you an email, by the way? I’ve lost track. *giggles*


      1. You said β€œforgive the rambling.” You aren’t rambling, it’s a stream of consciousness which is very healthy. Getting your thoughts down. It’s beautiful. I meant no offense


      2. Your wording in a couple of comments are pressing buttons and really not setting well with me. Your comment about my use of the word “Daddy” in the post about holding Daddy’s hand is in the kink shaming category.


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