Hip Hip Hooray for Role Play!

Come play with me? Live out the fantasy of being someone new. Have sex with a stranger, get kidnapped, be a Russian spy interrogating an American CIA agent, do naughty things with your brother, be a cheap hooker or fuck an alien being with 10 tentacles. The scenarios are only limited by your imagination and what your partner consents to.

I’d always been curious about role play, but not sure it was something I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure I could get into it. Daddy changed all that when He growled in my ear that I shouldn’t have dressed like I did, teasing the guys, I was bound to get kidnapped as He covered my nose and mouth manhandling my body. Something clicked inside and magic happened. I love role play!!!

Daddy and I have been together long enough now that we know each other’s limits and like/dislikes, so we don’t negotiate everything. We know the parameters of where it’s ok to go without talking about it first. That makes impromptu role play really fun! One of us says or does something and the stage is set for a frolicking good time!

Yesterday Daddy picked me up at the grocery store for some hot stranger sex while my husband was out of town. RAWRRR!!! I wish my husband satisfied me like that guy did!!!!

If variety is the spice of life then role play is pepper.

4 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hooray for Role Play!

  1. Role play is marvelous when you are on the same page. My wife had a dark fantasy about being abducted and forcibly taken. That didn’t work out well. Performance anxiety and just didn’t feel right.

    Now my Kitten that’s a different story! Ask me sometime about Pottermore….
    All the worlds a stage and we are bit players, didn’t you know???? 😉
    Loved your post. Here’s to spice!

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