5 thoughts on “Atheist Humor

      1. Indeed. 🙂

        Perhaps you can explain a bit of Christian logic to me? I was watching a show on HGTV and the couple was getting ready to return to their house which was completely done and the wife had no input in how it was done. A total surprise. Driving there, the wife tells her husband she’s really nervous she won’t like it followed saying she thinks she should pray.

        In my very atheist opinion this is a stupid response! The house is done . There is nothing god or jesus or praying is going to do to make it different or for her to like it. Reduce her anxiety, maybe, but nothing else. I hear statements like this often in the Christian world. What is this about??


      2. I dunno. I don’t even know if that world view is uniquely Christian. Mostly it sounds like accepting life as it presents itself. Now I am little surprised she accepted the makeover without providing or demanding any input. Most women I know are pretty assertive about their homes.
        What Christians derive from prayer has about a billion answers. All I can say is that, to a mature Christian (believer), prayer has progressed beyond wishing for a pony for Christmas, or chatting with an invisible friend.

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