Hold my hand, Daddy?

Hold my hand, Daddy? This adventure is big and sure to be long. Hold my hand, Daddy and remind me to stay close where Daddy can watch over me. Hold my hand and skip with me? Laugh and play and delight in protecting Your little one in all that entails. Cuddle me close as i nuzzle safe in Daddy’s lap sure of Daddy’s love. Daddy? Hold my hands in the dark when we’re draped in fur doing what Daddy and kitten do best. Hold my hand when i’m tired on our long journey reminding me You are always there. When i misbehave or make Daddy angry…. please remember to hold my hand, Daddy, and guide me back in the loving way Daddy always does. When Daddy holds my hand there isn’t anything we can’t do. i’m a wee kitten and Daddy is strong… together we find our way when Daddy keeps me close and holds my hand. Our journey is long…the longest one of all. Joy and tears and giggles, too… all of them i’ll share with You. Daddy’s strong and fierce, but even Daddies get tired. Hold my hand, Daddy? i’ll remind You how to slow down and find giggles in ice cream shops, naps on rainy days, and bring Daddy chicken soup. Your little one loves her Daddy more than she can say. Please hold my little hand Daddy and always keep me near!

Another throw back. October 2018

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