“Playing” with my dogs is a hard NO!!!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve visited FetLife. Last night I bit the bullet and went to look at my messages and catch up on my group discussioins. My pictures are really vanilla and my profile kinda prickly so I don’t get tons of messages. I also don’t put in the time and effort to grow a following again. I don’t want to.

I was chatting with some of the girls in the brat support group when a message came through. A 29 year old bisexual woman identifying as a slut. I don’t typically respond to messages like these, but I was bored “Hello. You’re really beautiful.” I knew it was only a matter of time before things took a turn in directions I didn’t want to go.

My first line of defense is to talk about Daddy. lol We were chatting as His night at work wound up. Her first attempt was asking if our chat was naughty or nice. Easy to deflect.

She tells me she’s in bed with her dog. I love my dogs and will talk about them any chance I get, so I asked about hers. The naughtiness was glaring with a comment about being under her big bull mastiff horn dog. Oy vey!!! I’ve had this conversation with someone else before. She asked if my dogs have ever tried to sniff or lick me.

BOOM!!!! There it was. I knew she didn’t want to have a nice chat about whatever and potentially make a new friend. My reply was straight to the point and killed the conversation.

“Yeah… I’m not having this conversation. The last woman that tried to talk to me about beastiality with her dog got blocked really fast.”

She tried to say that wasn’t her intent and apologized. I was done and gone. You can skirt the edges, but hitting a hard limit is game over.

Why do I always get the nasty girls hitting on me?!

12 thoughts on ““Playing” with my dogs is a hard NO!!!

    1. LMAO!!! Thank you for this comment, David!! I needed to laugh about it and you made that happen. I doubt the dog uses condoms. I have no idea what her deal was. I think she was bored and looking for some quick way to get me to talk dirty and have a jerk off session with her. Happens all the time. She was really unattractive. I’d rather talk dirty to her dogs!!! *giggles* That was bad, but I’m not going to apologize.

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      1. Brings to mind those salacious stories about Russian Empress Catherine The Great and her appreciation for horses that extended way past the bridle path.

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