Daddy’s Bratty Little

i struggled to accept that i’m a brat. i had the conventional meaning of “brat” in my head. It took multiple people telling me before it sunk it. It was also said in delight at my playful, bratty banter. i didn’t hear it with the nasty judgment of a Dom who hates brats. Part of what made Daddy fall in love with me is the brat in me. i keep things fun and exciting. i’m a good girl while keeping Him on His toes. 😉

i’ve been in a great mood and full of piss & vinegar lately. Daddy’s had His hands full at times. *giggles* i have no idea what i said the other day, but He burst out laughing stunned that i’d said whatever it was. Most likely extremely inappropriate. i’m really good at that. i asked Him if He ever worries about what’s going to come out of my mouth. A grin spread across His handsome face as He told me no. He loves that about me. Then He gave me the best compliment of my entire life. He looked at me with His eyes sparkling and told me that i make His life exciting. i kid you not when i say i started to tear up.

Daddy rarely says “No” or makes me stop my bratting. The other day i was spanking Him with a rolled up newspaper (just the ads). He was laughing and let me do it. i think i got close to 120 swats in. At one point i told Him to count the swats outloud with me. He actually did it!!! *giggles* Good Daddy!!! Without any fanfare i stopped tossing the paper on the sofa table behind Him. i layed on His chest and snuggled Him. He hugged me and told me how much He loves me.

i asked Him why He lets me get away with so much. C’mon now, what other Dom is going to let their little smack them with a rolled up newpaper over 100 times before getting really mad and punishing their sub?!?! i don’t know any!! His answer was spectular. ♥ He told me He lets me do it because it makes me happy and i was having fun. It pleases Him to make me happy and see me having fun. In short, He takes pleasure from my playful bratty nature.

i guess this is part of what distingishes Him as a Daddy Dom. He sticks His tongue out at me when i’ve been naughty in a playful way. He laughs at my playfulness and enjoys most of my brattiness. i don’t push too far and i know the limits of what’s fun and what’s not. my goal is to make things fun and make Him smile and happy.

my Daddy loves His bratty sugar bear. ♥♥♥

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