Sucking Daddy’s Thumb

Early in our relationship i tested Daddy. He hardly ever tells me “no” and i had the illusion that i could get away with anything. How wrong i was! i have only done this once. i was bratty and pushed Him to a point of being really angry… far beyond the point of Him being able to handle it gracefully. Daddy was so angry He told me He couldn’t punish me then because He couldn’t control Himself. What a hard lesson!! What happened next has established a beautiful pattern in our dynamic.

Daddy’s body went stiff and He was totally silent. He was about to lose His shit and i was the cause. i moved across the room and sat by myself just watching Him. my lower lip started to tremble and the tears began to flow. i cried silently filled with shame and guilt. It wasn’t more than a minute before Daddy called me over to Him and pulled me into His arms. That’s when the shaking sobs started. i couldn’t even speak through the tears. He softened immediately and comforted me, loved me. i got the worst punishment there is that night. Knowing i’d really disappointed and upset Daddy. i was crushed.

He pulled me into His arms and held me tight against his chest. He stroked my hair and cooed at me until the racking sobs subsided. He knew how sorry i was. i’m tearing up just remembering how bad this incident was. He cupped my face in His hand holding me against His chest. i took His thumb in my mouth and sucked it. Loving, innocent, tender, little, submissive, comforting… i sucked His thumb.

i’d wanted to before, but it just didn’t feel right. i was thinking about it too much and embarrassed. At that moment i was in a state of pure emotion. i did it and He not only allowed it, but liked it. Sucking Daddy’s thumb has come to be one of the most comforting and loving parts of our relationship. i can’t say specific reasons behind when it happens only that it’s extremely loving and a feeling of being totally submissive.

Something really beautiful came out of that horrendous learning lesson. ♥ i still brat, but i know the limit and will never go past the point of Daddy’s warning “kittteeeennnn”. Daddy learned to redirect me with attention and cuddles or a playful swat on my bottom. We found a really beautiful expression of our love that carries through to this day.

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