Radical Self-Care & Food

When Daddy and I were going through our early conversations about our compatibility I had red lights flashing and warning bells going off around our food habits. I told Him at the time and let Him know that I wouldn’t be able to live like that. I’m diabetic and have major food allergies that impact my overall health and how I feel on a daily basis. I’m taking responsibility for my choice to go down the rabbit hole for the last couple of years. I have told Him many times that the day would come when there would be a radical change in the food our home and our eating habits to support my health. Today is that day. In order for me to be healthy He has to follow my strict diet with me for some time… if not forever. We’ve had this conversation many times and He always says whatever it takes to make kitten healthy. Here we go!

I’ve written many posts about being gluten intolerant over the past two years. (Today is my 2 year bloggiversary. Yay!!!) I’ve been in and out of various levels of being glutened and having to detox followed by a period of feeling well only to get stuck in the cycle once more. Sadly, my body is at the point where I’ve ended up calling my doctor in the past in physical agony because of gluten poisoning. She reminds me of my gluten intolerance sending me on my mary way to get back on track. It’s been enough times that I know. Perhaps Daddy needs to hear to talk about how to support me and how important it is?!

My joints are swollen and achy. I’m having serious IBS symptoms, which are the least of my problems. I have a general sense of malaise and feeling run down. Nausea is becoming a regular part of my life once more. I’m also getting sick far more often and have a lack of energy. Yeast infections, skin rashes and the lovely toenail fungus I didn’t have before the constant merry-go-round of gluten. All of these are the side effects of having exposure to gluten, soy, sugar and dairy on a regular basis.

I’m tired of feeling sick all the time!!! So today is the day I clear out the foods in our home which are bad for me. ALL OF THEM. I need to be able to go to the pantry, freezer or fridge and pull out foods which I know without question are kitten safe. I need to only bring foods into the house which are kitten friendly. There can be no exceptions.

Daddy is sleeping and is going to wake up to me throwing out lots of food. It probably won’t go 100% smoothly. My health takes precedence over His desire to snack and eat really unhealthy processed foods. I need the support be healthy and well. I know for certain that after a few months my body will start to recover and all of the cravings will go away. All of the crap He eats will look completely disgusting to me. At that point we can talk about Him bringing some of His stuff back in in small amounts.

Here goes the start of my transition back to extremely healthy eating. It’s hard and boring at times, but the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences!!! I can’t wait to feel like I did before I chose to go down the path of hurting myself!!

9 thoughts on “Radical Self-Care & Food

  1. best of luck changing eating habits are hard and You need to be healthy and feeling well to take good care of your Daddy. When kitten feels good so will your Daddy.
    Be Well Be Safe Be healthy

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