Writing Lines

One of the punishments I’ve seen doled out with some regularity is writing lines. Gotta say, I’m not OK with the punishment for myself.

For starters, I can tell you I’d be angry I was told to write lines as a punishment. I don’t see it having any value outside of imposing an unwanted task. I wouldn’t learn from the punishment. It wouldn’t make me reflect on my behavior which caused me to be punished. It’s menial busy work. Having an adult write lines is disrespectful. I’m not sure I’d do them. I think there would be a major argument if this task was handed down to me as a punishment. It would go very badly!!!

I am of the mindset that natural consequences are the best way to influence behavior. Writing lines isn’t a natural consequence to anything. Being disrespectful and Daddy not engaging with me until I’m good is a natural consequence.

I’ve known quite a few subs who have been assigned lines. One of my friends was given the task daily and the lines increased because she wasn’t completing them. Obviously, the punishment wasn’t working. She was resentful all the time! I’m sure I’d be in this same boat.

One thing I’ve learned along my submissive journey is that I need to know and understand why rules are in place. This goes for punishment as well. If I don’t think it makes sense or is justified, I won’t comply.

An alternate task that would be more fitting and effective is writing an essay or letter reflecting on my behavior. What caused it, what I can do differently, how to communicate my needs/feelings so my needs are met. It’s still a writing task, but without the menial humiliation aspects to it.

5 thoughts on “Writing Lines

  1. I was glad to see this post, Succulent! It is always helpful to me to learn about a perspective other than my own. Personally, writing lines IS very beneficial to me. When I write something down it becomes reinforced in my mind. I am not assigned lines often (I think if I had to do them every day the exercise would lose its effectiveness for me), but when I am…. I remember that line for a long time to come. The most recent line I was assigned was, “My safety is crucial because I am essential”…. I was assigned these lines (along with a spanking and corner time) after using my phone while driving. I can assure you that I will remember not to pick up my phone any time soon when my vehicle is moving at 55 mpg! I think it is important for a Dominant to consider the individual (submissive) when determining punishments. Writing lines would obviously not be a good fit for you and may cause you to feel resentful. But for me, what you wrote about natural consequences (ex. Daddy not engaging with me until I am good)…that would be very hard on me emotionally. Sometimes, when I am being naughty it is the result of a bad day or not feeling well….and if Daddy were to stop engaging with me during these times until my behavior was back where it should be, that would leave me feeling very emotionally abandoned. Again, I want you to know that I really valued reading this post. It helped me to better understand where you are coming from, and it helped me to better understand my own needs. EXCELLENT post, my friend! ā¤

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    1. Thank you, Nora! I agree with feeling abandoned. There are a few occasions I can think of where I was pushing/bratting too far and “No” wasn’t getting through. The only alterative was to pull away until I was ready to be good. Distance was the last resort. Most of the time pulling me in and hugging works.

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      1. šŸ™‚ I’ve not had my cuddle quota filled recently. Last night after dinner, I grabbed Daddy’s hand and dragged Him upstairs just to snuggle and be close. Cuddles make me nicer. ā™„ Have a great Saturday, Nora.

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  2. I had to rewrite all my notebooks in grade 6. My teacher thought I was far too messy. That was an odious task that took months. In the end I had the neatest notebooks… I think writing lines would generally put me back in that space. Unless it was very specific like what Nora suggested. That might be of value if only used sparingly.

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