Packing Progress

I’m looking around the house and it’s visible that I’m packing!!! Corners are filled with stacks of boxes and packing supplies. There is the random assortment of odds and ends out which I have yet to decide on along with the typical living in the house stuff that’s always out.

Yesterday I scrubbed the kitchen ceiling to floor. It looks like it did when it was first installed. All of the appliances scrubbed. I know there will be at least 2 more of these, but it’s easier each time… especially when the time between is short.

A couple days ago I made an impromptu run to Home Depot and got boxes, packing supplies and paint. After I napped and rested my back, I started in on the actual packing. The china cabinet is totally packed. This is no small feat! I have 16 place setting with all the fancy serving pieces. It took 3 boxes just for that. I’ve started on my teapot and cup collection. Sadly, it’s time to let go of a couple of them. I truly don’t need 7 teapots.

There is a massive box tucked in corner filled to the brim with donation items. The first of many! Daddy’s ribs are finally pretty damn good! Yay!!!!!!! He can help me!!!! LOL Getting this box in the trunk is at the top of my list.

Gotta laugh. He thanked me over and over for getting the china done. He admitted that He hates to pack… especially dishes. Of course I know He hates to pack!!! He hasn’t done anything yet and keeps pushing it off to “later… we have time”. That’s Daddy’s version of I don’t like it. I’ve also lived with Him for a while now and know His strengths and weaknesses. I already know I’ll do most of it, but He’s not getting a pass on helping at all!!!

My SIL is coming up Monday. Looking forward to the visit. I’m also looking around my house stressed about what she’ll think. LOL I get more and more like my mom as I get older. She’s coming to see US not the house. I remember saying that to my mom a zillion times. The house isn’t a disaster. It’s… packing forward.

Time to get some of this random clutter packed, tossed or put away. It’ll reduce my stress.

It’s a beautiful sunny day here. 🙂 Maybe I can get outside a bit.

5 thoughts on “Packing Progress

  1. Happy packing. I love/hate packing. I love how easy it makes moving and the sense of accomplishment in doing it… I hate having to decide what to get rid of and how to do that…

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