Thursday Thoughts

I stayed up way too late last night burning the midnight oil on a new coloring app on my phone. lol I now have 2 of these apps. I staggered up to bed a little after 4am with the boys. I’ve never been more cuddled than sleeping with two small dogs. lol They each take up more space in the bed than Daddy does!!! 😉

Daddy came in at His usual time, a little after 7am, waking me with gentle kisses… and a static shock. LOL I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but we’ve all been full of static electricity far too often and touching is a dangerous act!! *giggles* The worst are the lip-to-lip shocks. OUCH!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I digress. I stumbled out of bed to hang out with Him a while before He hit the sheets. I promptly fell asleep on the sofa as He watched our typical morning TV shows. He told me when I woke up that He spent a fair amount of time just watching me sleep. ♥♥♥ AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I watch Him, too, when the opportunity arises.

I sat out on the patio soaking in the sunshine and admiring my blooming Camellia plant. Yes! It has one fully bloomed flower already!! So pretty. Ruffi and Grumpy tinker around outside when I’m out there. They jointly dug a small hole the other day which Ruffi has been munching out of. Eating dirt is just… gross!!! Daddy covered up the hole this morning when Ruff wouldn’t follow a command because his little head was in the hole and he liked it. lol He promptly vomited mud. Not funny!!! It’s not something I’ve never seen him do before, so I think it’s boredom. I’ll keep an eye on it. If it were a problem, I assume he’d be eating it from different spot, not just this one little shallow hole. Still, I watch them pretty closely.

Three doses of heavy antibiotics and I’m starting to feel a little better. Not great, but I’m not as run down and just icky like I was a few days. Taking it slow so I don’t wear myself out. Still nice to have a bit of energy. If you haven’t noticed, being sick makes me cranky, too. lol Yes, I am aware!

Just before sitting down to write this I went on the hunt for an atrocious smell in the house. Daddy took the trash out and that wasn’t it. I picked up all the puppy poop outside. Still didn’t do it. SMH I cooked turkey the other day and forgot the bones in a heavy, covered pot I was going to make stock out in. There was the smell. I should not the smell was NEW!!! OK, I’m blushing right now admitting I had a nasty smell overwhelming my house. We’ve all had those moments of forgetfulness. All is scrubbed and clean… and the house smells wicked fresh now.

Daddy had His follow up with the doctor earlier this week. Yikes!! He’s strained the muscles between His ribs. We’re looking at about 7 weeks of recovery time. He is getting better, just very very slowly. I think we’re about 4 weeks into the healing process. We were joking about it yesterday. His doctor told Him it took 7 MONTHS for his ribs to heal from a minor skiing accident with a tiny hairline fracture. I told Daddy He should have told the doctor that this just won’t do. I’m nearing divorcing Him from lack of sex. LOL And Daddy should have told the doctor that He’s about to explode from lack of sex. (Not totally true.. *wink, wink*) We had a good laugh, anyway. Daddy was holding His ribs by the end of our joking session.

Don’t know what else in on my agenda today, but I should probably get to it. Even it’s just napping on the couch. *giggles* My life isn’t terribly exciting today, so I won’t bore you anymore either.

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