Wanna Throttle My Lawyer!!!

We are just about 7 months into the process of handling all the trust affairs. The change of trustee happened back in October, but the rest of the paperwork around it STILL isn’t complete.

The settlement agreement went out to my brothers with no deadline to sign and no indication that the new trustee can act on the settlement sent out without their consent and no legal action can be taken against him. Feels like I’m flying by the seat of my pants knowing my brothers.

Today I got an invoice for an ungodly amount because the lawyer’s bookkeeper failed to document a major payment on our account just last month.

There are issues still to be resolved with the former trustee and the fact that he stole from the trust. All these months later and things are STILL hanging in the air not even started. The man stole enough to handle all of the legal fees paid so far.

I don’t feel good. I’ve got a massive sinus infection. I’ve got major life changes going on which I’m excited about, but they also through my coping equilibrium off. Getting bills from a lawyer who can’t even keep his financial records in order sends me over the edge just a little bit!!!

I don’t tolerate people well who don’t do their jobs!! Yes, I’m crabby. I wasn’t until I opened the invoice.

7 thoughts on “Wanna Throttle My Lawyer!!!

  1. I was paying a guy cash for a job. I gave him $5000 and a week later he asked for that same payment. I had no proof except the record that I had taken the money out of the bank. Fortunately he remembered and also apologized a couple of days later. But I was stressed for those two days! So I know how angry/stressed you must be. That and all the rest of the ineptitude surrounding you…

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