It’s the little things…

In my opinion, a relationship is made up of the little things. There are grand moments and things you never forget, but it’s the little things on a daily basis that make you feel loved. Daddy reminded me of this tonight as i was picking out the red veggie sticks for Him. He commented that He could hear His sister bitching at Him for making me do that. *giggles* i do it because He likes them and it’s a little thing to make Him feel special. It makes me feel good, too. It’s silly and such a tiny thing, but at the end of the day it’s all those tiny little things we do that show just how much we care. ♥

i’m icky and tired with this nasty sinus infection. Daddy went to pick up my prescription in the middle of the day to make sure i’m all taken care of. He interrupted His sleep to make sure i’m all good. We stopped at the grocery store and picked up all the fixing for juicy burgers and mini tater tots tonight. i had a hankering for a burger, so off we went to make it happen.

i can list all the things we both do on a daily basis, but that takes a bit of the charm out of it. Here He comes!!! Up for the night and getting ready for work.

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