Big Steps Towards Moving

Daddy and I sat on the patio this morning sipping our coffee talking about the move. Made some calls to moving companies to get information and quotes. By the end of our coffee time in the morning sun we’d set up our moving logistics.

We’re going with one of the container companies. It will be delivered here Monday, April 5th. I’m beyond excited!!! The price is reasonable and the convenience factor is outstanding!!! We’ve begun the list of items to sell which are simply too big to move. A fresh start is incredibly exciting on all levels.

We’ve got all our paperwork in order to get passports for flying. I’ve been stuck in a holding pattern getting my name changed following our marriage. My DL expired 3 months following our wedding, so I planned on waiting closer to the expiration. Well…BAD move! lol I had issues with a REAL ID that pissed me off so bad I postponed longer and now the DMV has been closed for nearly a year. I can finally get in if I show up and wait. Yay?!?? lol A trip to the DMV is never exciting, but the outcome is. In the meantime I’ll get my passport updated. The nurse who typed my birth certificate made a typo and it’s biting me all these years later despite EVERY piece of ID and documentation I have since birth having the same spelling. They can’t deny my passport!!!!

I’ve been looking at flight costs for a while now. Budgeting is the biggest issue with this move. LOL The rest is all in the details. Many, many details, but still. lol

I’m getting really excited and motivated to get things done. It feels real.

I have a friend that’s made it clear from the first time I talked about this 3 years ago that he’s not in favor of my decision. There reaches a point where questioning a decision and putting in your two cents becomes rude and failing to recognize the other person as a functional adult capable of making life decisions. That’s kind of the tact I took in responding to the commentary. Message was heard loud and clear.

On the outside it often looks like my decisions are impulsive and not thought out. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just don’t share my process. lol Not on the big stuff anyway. I learned a long time ago that I end up really unhappy and in bad situations when I allow other people to influence my life decisions.

Anyway, I’m headed to bed. I’m tired and have the start of sinus infection. Doctor appointment in the morning. I’m excited for the next chapter in getting things together done!! 🙂 I’m ready for Daddy’s rib muscles to heal, too!!!! *giggles* NiNi friends.

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