Progress isn’t visible yet

Looking around the house it’s not clearly visible that I’ve been in the packing process for about a week now. There are a handful of boxes shoved in a corner here and there. Mostly it’s the shelves, drawers and cupboards clearing out of things we’ve donated.

Yesterday we took a big trunk full of books down to the local library. Textbooks, dictionaries, novels, philosophy books… pretty much all genre of books found their way out to find a new home.

The desk has been cleared out and organized, so it’ll be easy to put on the truck. I’ve already planned to toss all of our plastic containers just before we head out the door. My love of collecting jars and bottles for another use has ceased and I’ve packed away some of them and tosses out quite a few more.

I’ve started sorting through some of my clothes so I’m not moving the stuff I never wear.

To the naked, untrained eye, packing hasn’t begun yet. The three boxes tucked in a corner of our dining room isn’t enough to be considered started. *giggles* It’s the deeper, unseen stuff which is the hardest and makes the most difference at the end of the day. As the title says, our progress isn’t visible yet. 😉

5 thoughts on “Progress isn’t visible yet

  1. You go Girl! My aunt was a hoarder. My brother was worse than my aunt. He accumulated more in 65 years 11months than my aunt did in 79 years 6 months.
    Jars? Put them in the attic so they get good and dusty.
    Have you rented a roll on/ roll off container to put your, uh, treasures? Wait refuse.
    I’m actually jealous. My loving marital partner is a World Class Hoarder. Throw it out!

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    1. Hoarding is far from my thing! I’m notorious for throwing out too much on a regular basis. lol I use old spaghetti sauce jars and stuff like that for leftovers all the time. I also do some canning, so I have new Ball jars. Those are small potatoes. Dumping stuff like that isn’t a problem, it’s the behind the scenes work that doesn’t show in the moving process til you’re down to no nothing left in the house! lol

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