Put Some Effort In

These are the words I want to tell EVERY woman that gives me the evil eye, makes her husband move so he’s not staring at me and makes jealous, nasty remarks about how I’m dressed or how I look or how much attention I get. PUT SOME EFFORT IN!!!

I am by far not the most beautiful woman in the world, nor I am the most sexy or anything else. I have a pretty face and I’m confident. I also put effort into how I look on a regular basis. It’s rare that I leave the house without my hair fixed some and at least lipstick on.

For all the jealous haters out there, soak it in. It doesn’t take much to get your man looking back at YOU instead of women like me. He likely didn’t fall in love with and marry a frumpy 40 something year old woman who no longer cares or puts effort into what she looks like.

Here’s a random sampling of pics I’ve taken throughout the years. I’ve not dressed special for photos… not even the fur coat dropping down my back. Daddy and I were going on a date. Stop getting upset with those of us who put in a bit of effort and do it yourself. You’ll feel better!

At a Giants game with Daddy
Daddy and I went to the beach when He first moved here.
Another random afternoon outing with Daddy
Out shopping and I snapped a selfie in the car to send to Daddy
Headed to a Halloween party. (That photo on the floor is with my ex)
This picture is from Valentine’s Day about 10 years ago. That’s my mom.
This particular look gets so many nasty hating women!! We were headed out for burgers.
An evening in waiting for Daddy to get off work. Even sitting around the house I put a little effort in!
Date night with Daddy. A year ago today, actually.
I was finding my sexy after my divorce. It worked!

I beg of all the women out there who hate to stop! I’m not gorgeous. I don’t think I’m better than you. Believe me, I don’t want your man! Your girlfriend/wife either. You can see that my weight has gone up and down. Put the effort in to make yourself look nice if you want the attention I’m getting. I’d really rather you husbands and boyfriends not follow me around the grocery store! They wouldn’t be if they were getting their needs met at home.

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