Back to packing

I got a lot done the other day and took two days off. Daddy gave me down time to relax and do little to nothing. Ya know, that whole balance thing. There’s been a bunch of stuff in the middle of my living room floor since I stopped 2 days ago. I can’t look at it anymore!!! It’s the start of my pile going to a donation site. I didn’t have anymore boxes, so there it has sat. I don’t do well with clutter…. Especially in the middle of the floor.

Soooo…. today I get back to work with at least getting this pile off the middle of the floor, which will definitely lead to more. lol Now’s the time while Daddy is sleeping! 😀 I actually have a few small piles that need to be moved, packed or tossed. That whole thing of going through all the drawers and collections of crap that build up in a home over time is what’s the hard part. I’ve gotten the trash out, but those little stacks need to be put with other like things so I don’t have those boxes full of random stuff. My OCD is a little strong for that. Everything has a place and everything in its place! I’ve gotten better over the years, but I still struggle with poor organization in many areas.

Since I have most of the personal stuff off the walls, I’m just about ready to get paint for the touch ups and some puddy. I found my puddy knife in a random drawer. LMAO Yayyy!!!!

I put a call into the carpet guy yesterday. I just need to give him a couple weeks notice to get new carpet installed since I’m going with stock “just make it look nice carpet”. The realtor has a guy who will install baseboards for us. The last of the flooding reno.

With this gorgeous weather it’s not a bad time to haul some of the furniture outside and start stripping the gunk off the tile. There is decades old paint splatters on the tile from before the previous owners put in the laminate that warped in the flood. The scrubbing sounds worse than it’ll be. I actually enjoy tedious stuff like that. Sitting on the ground and digging the weeds outta the cracks in the driveway used to be something I genuinely enjoyed at my last house. Same kind of task, eh? 🙂

Time to get moving and stop writing about it! lol Happy Sunday, all. I may just start posting progress pics eventually. We’ll see.

8 thoughts on “Back to packing

      1. Exactly!!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to being back in a HOUSE instead of a townhouse aka apartment. My first winter snow. The peepers… of which I’ll be one. I love the outdoors, so I’ll enjoy that, too. My family was all from the east coast, so I grew up hearing stories. Good luck!!! I can’t wait to hear your adventures.

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