3 weeks is too long!

It’s been a long time since Daddy and I have gone more than a week without sex. OMFG! 3 weeks is far too long!!! I think we hit the 3 week mark today. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a really fun romp on our anniversary then a series of illness, aches and pains have gotten in the way of us having more than snuggles and Daddy watching me masturbate. Fun, but far from totally satisfying. TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lack of sex makes me whiny and irritable. My girl parts start to tingle and get uncomfortably distracting. I can’t lay next to Daddy without whimpering because I need Him. Yes, I’m at this point!!

Today is the end of His work week. Just one more night. I’m thinking I will have to sneak upstairs and wake Him up in a few hours to get things going. I don’t have more wait in me!!! His ribs are finally healed enough and the stars have aligned where I’m going to whine til He wakes up and gives in. *giggles* I never have to beg more than a few minutes. *wink, wink* What Daddy doesn’t like seeing His girl beg and whimper needing Him???

Is it time yet? Now? C’mon, clock! Tick faster! I have to let Daddy have some sleep before I Tigger bounce on Him.

8 thoughts on “3 weeks is too long!

  1. Desire is the greatest aphrodisiac.
    Time and circumstances have kept us from having our nightly rituals.
    Fortunately we only went a week. Exhaustion and timing our culprits.
    Kitten has been fighting migraines all week combined with nightmares.
    The only nights she hasn’t had bad dreams were the ones where she had at least one orgasm.
    Sleep well and may your drought end!

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