Deep Cleaning

Each year when the sun shines bright and I can throw all the windows and doors open I have this mad desire to scrub my house from top to bottom and reinvigorate my yards. That’s where I’ve been the last few days. Gorgeous 70* days have had me in shorts and tshits cleaning. lol Everyone else took their family to the park. I spent yesterday on my hands and knees scrubbing my master bath from the floors up the walls and everything in between. Loads of laundry washing while I scrub. Not regular laundry, the stuff you only do every few months like curtains. I rearranged my dining room a bit. The fun part was buying a gardenia bush and planting it. 🙂 Daddy helped me move the patio furniture around a bit. The chairs weigh a ton!!! It’s starting to come together.

I started off first thing this morning unloading the dishwasher followed by starting the downstairs floor. Tile can be a beautiful thing. Vacuuming is super easy!!! lol It gets the bulk of the crap up, too. I’m eating a bit of breakfast and hydrating (not coffee!) before I tackle scrubbing the floors. Today is another hands and knees day. It’s easier on my back, but harder work and my perfectionist comes out far more. Cinderella once more. lol

Part of the process is decluttering and tossing out the immediate superficial stuff I know I can live without. I’m feeling accomplished and finding joy in my home again. I’m not hard to please. lol I think a can of paint is on my agenda for later this week. I will finally do the touch up painting in the kitchen following the installation. No, they didn’t do it. *sigh* It’s ok, I love painting. I’ve painted the entire interior of our home myself with a brush.

Back to work. 🙂 Maybe Daddy will be up soon? Maybe we can go across the street and play catch while the pups run and get their barking out of their system?

Next on my list is to get some boxes and start packing the little stuff I don’t use all the time. I’m on a roll and gotta keep the momentum.

3 thoughts on “Deep Cleaning

  1. Interesting entry, though a question abounds. Are you both still thinking/contemplating/planning on the move back East? Or is this just a spruce-up before getting to the nuts and bolts of displaying the house for sale?

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    1. Yes to all of those things. 🙂 We’re listing the house in June. I’m starting the deep cleaning to make it easier when it comes time to do the final hard core scrub, though I’ll probably hire some help. I’m starting some of the packing today. There is yet some work to be done on the house before we can sell it. Our hot water main burst Aug 2019 and we’re still finishing up some of the cosmetic repairs. It was a whole drama for over a year.

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