Friday Afternoon Chatter

I downloaded a coloring app on my phone a few days ago. It’s sucking up waayyyy too much of my time. Escapism is my friend. lol My craft room is full of bed parts and barely any walkable space, so my phone is getting even more use than normal. My phone is in the living room relaxing as I catch up my blog and all the typical online stuff. Paying bills is on my short list. The never ending task I love so much. *eye roll*

The avocado on my counter just found it’s way onto my sandwich. Avocado and roast beef sprinkled with salt and pepper made for a wonderful treat. I don’t buy avocados often because I’m the only one who eats them. They go from rock hard to mush in like 5 seconds, so it’s a commitment to eat them right away.

Daddy and I have started the process of planning our move more thoroughly. Pricing moving companies, talking about what to take and what to get rid of, the nuts and bolts of planning. Much to be done, but at least we have a plan. Hardcore savings is part of that plan. I’ve gone through a few drawers and closets to start the epic sorting process. Procrastination has set in a bit. Not procrastination so much as feeling like it’s too soon. Time will start slipping by really fast now that we’re almost through February.

The settlement agreement on the trust went out to my brothers last week. Got a note from my lawyer this afternoon that the first one has signed it. Yippee!!! Two more to go!!! I already know they’re all yelling and screaming at the content, but c’est la vie. Mom wrote the trust… not me. I’ll be glad when this stage is all done. The uncertainty has been taken away and I know all will be fine…. even if the last 2 try to fight it. The law is 100% in my favor.

It’s another gray, overcast, cold day here. Cold is a relative term. LOL The gray skies get to me making it feel colder and ickier than it actually is. The boys aren’t eager to go out today either. The rain clouds are heavy in the sky just waiting to open up. My little guys are the most anti-water dogs I’ve seen in my life. LOL

Daddy’s been down with bruised ribs since last weekend. No idea exactly what happened which makes it frustrating. He talked to the doctor early this week and was ordered to rest as much as possible and keep the advil going as needed. Daddy stays down even worse than I do! *giggles* I’ve been reminding Him constantly to rest, take advil and let His body heal. The worst of the pain is over. I think the lingering inconvenience of an injury is almost harder than when it really hurts.

Nothing terribly kinky or exciting happening in my world right now. There will be when Daddy’s ribs heal! That’s for sure!!! *giggles* The primal prey in me is starting to growl. Maybe a quick visit with my little pink buzzing friend while Daddy watches is in order?! We’ll see what He says…

Happy Friday, friends. ♥

6 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Chatter

  1. yeech bruised ribs. i have had broken and bruised ribs not something i would ever recommend hope He feels better soon.. usually about 2 weeks maybe 3. Glad the planning is coming together. gray days are usually bummers. Hope you both have a good weekend

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