Red Hair & Collar

Taken this afternoon fresh after dying.

Once again, I’m a true red head! The color came out much like the copper shine I get from a summer in the sun. I got my Dad’s red hued hair rather than my mom’s toe head blonde.

In case you can’t tell, my hair matches my day collar. 😉 It feels good to wear it all the time once again. Daddy put it on for our anniversary play session and we’ve opted to keep it on. The love and devotion I feel wearing it is beautiful. It’s just tight enough to remind me it’s there. ♥

A quick tale about this collar that falls into the category of things that make you go HMMMMM. When I first got it I wore it 24/7 for months, so all my photos showed it. I posted a picture on Facebook with it clearly showing. A young woman from the south I was friends with commented on the collar/necklace asking me where I got it. I was honest and told her it was from Etsy, a shop that makes chainmail BDSM collars along with the details of the store. Imagine that!? I was unfriended in the next 5 minutes after a few years of a really nice online friendship based on this one fact about myself. To each their own.

I take pride in wearing my collar, regardless of the approval of others or not. Just like the color of my hair. 😉 Hope you’re all having a lovely evening.

4 thoughts on “Red Hair & Collar

  1. My girl has a similar collar, and she’s gotten more than a few compliments on it. She wears hers with a replica antique padlock I got from a vendor on eBay many years ago, it has a very basic skeleton key and she wears it nearly 24/7. I don’t recall her ever mentioning it costing her any friendships, but most of her friends know she’s kinky. Not all approve, but everyone has their own opinions and ways of living. Regardless, wearing it reminds her of our commitment, which is really the point in the first place. We may be separated because of COVID, but our bond is strong in spite of the continued distance.

    It looks good on you. As does the hair color.

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  2. Incredible that someone unfriended you over this. Just wow!! But your hair looks nice and the collar is lovely too! Someone who drops you as friend because of this wasn’t really a friend in the first place!

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