I love my dogs….

I’m sitting here at the dining room table with red dye in my hair repeating “I love my dogs” quietly to myself. Last night we slept on our old mattress on the floor of our spare bedroom. Late and tired we threw old blankets on it for the night. Little Grumpy took a dump right in the middle of the “bed” while we were brushing our teeth and the like. That’s when the mantra started.

We hadn’t even gotten over his horrendous disrespect when he started climbing all over us making a ruckus far worse then usual. Kicked his big brother out of bed. He finally settled down curled up next to me.

I woke up to potty at 4am to find Daddy asleep ON THE FLOOR due to all the commotion. (I probably played a part… I tend to sprawl.) For right now, I’m blaming the dogs!

There is no better way to be woken up than the sound of a dog barfing. You got it. Ruffi barfed at my feet on the bed a few minutes past 7am.

As I started with, I love my dogs!!!!

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