Daddy’s orders: Rest

Daddy’s given me the hardest of all orders to follow… stay quiet and rest. i don’t feel icky enough to just curl up and sleep or want to stay down completely. my cough has returned, mostly at night, and my energy is a little low so it’s the preemptive strike to keep me from getting sick.

The sun is shining bright filling the house with light and pulling the little girl in me to go outside and play. i’ve also stayed quiet all morning adding to my energy level making me feel mildly invincible… despite the occasional cough racking my entire body. lol

Daddy won’t punish me for getting up and doing too much. Even worse is the look of worry when i’m worn out and crying in my dinner because i’m so tired. Yes, this has happened more than once. Over tired or sick me is a whiny, crying little girl totally in need of Daddy to do it for me.

i have a short list of to do’s for today. The first is coloring my hair. It’s been months and months since i’ve dyed my hair. i’ll be a true red head by day’s end. The other is to hit the sofa and follow Daddy’s orders. The two coughing fits i just had reminded me that He’s right… as always.

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