Underage Cg/l RANT!!!

I read a post on FetLife a few minutes ago by a 21 year old man who claims to have 7 years experience as a Cg offering his expertise to those new in the community with questions. Yes, I told him my opinion! I’m not just ranting on here.

We all know the stereotypes and negative assumptions associated with Cg/l and DDLG dynamics. Pedophiles, kids engaged in unhealthy sex, blah, blah, blah. I don’t need to say more.

First off, this young man is publically telling people that he was engaged in BDSM relationships at 14. The kink community does not and will never say it’s A-OK to get involved in BDSM as a child. Yes, 14 is still a child!!! I’m not talking solely legal age, brain development, physically and every aspect of being a child. He’s telling the world that Cg/l is exactly what we’re fighting to say we’re not!

Teenagers have sex all the time and have since the dawn of mankind. There is a huge difference between having sex, exploring and entering in BDSM relationships and Cg/l dynamics. Before you can be a Cg or a little in a relationship you have to literally grow up first!!!

A 14 or 15 year old “Cg” is still being literally parented by an actual adult.

Now that I’m a bit further from reading the post it angers me even more!

7 thoughts on “Underage Cg/l RANT!!!

  1. I can definitely see being frustrated by this. I am guessing this person had to lie about his age as most kinksters wouldn’t accept this (when he was engaging in the lifestyle at 14). That scares me sometimes….that kids may be reading what I am writing. Ugh. All I can hope is that most parents are doing what they are supposed to do and keeping their children safe online.

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    1. I can only hope that this man was playing with kids his own age as a teenager from 14-17. I still don’t approve, but it’s better than any other alternative out there.

      I know what you mean about content we post. There’s so much available out there that a parent has to do a lot of monitoring and safety settings to keep their kids safe. I can’t imagine having a teenager in the tech age we live in.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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    1. Yes, lots and lots of lying occurs in area of experience. Cg=Caregiver is the generic name for Daddy Doms/Mommy Doms whether there is age play or not. I personally HATE the term caregiver based on what it denotes to me, but it’s a commonly understood term in the community. Being a little/middle is kind of the kinky rage these days and sadly kids are engaging in it before they grow up. Lying or not, he’s promoting the horrible assumptions people already have about my kink.

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