2nd Anniversary

Before Daddy moved out to California we had an appointment at the courthouse set for October 31, 2018. That was just a few days after his arrival. Due to paperwork snafus we had to cancel and get married another day. The more we talked about it the more complicated it got. Financing a wedding and all the other stuff people worry about kept us from tying the knot.

I woke up the morning of Thursday, February 7, 2019 and asked Daddy if we could get our marriage license that day. The rest would fall in place quickly. We headed down and came home with our license. I called my BFF a few doors down and asked him if he’d marry us. A few hours later he had registered with an online marriage ministry and was ready to marry us.

We got married in our finest right in our living room about 8pm that night. T married us and his husband was our witness. Taking away all of the fuss and fanfare made it more meaningful. It was intimate. The love in the house was palpable.

Last year we went out of town for a weekend in Mendocino. Good food, great sex, fun sightseeing. It was really special.

Our anniversary is just a few days away. My heart gets all atwitter and excitement has set in. We don’t have a set plan, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something memorable.

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