Voice Fetish NSFW,18

My first identifiable fetish is for sexy voices. Funny, not funny, I had a car accident once listening to a sex tape a friend made for me. First question I was asked was about being drunk. Nope, I was intoxicated by this guy’s hot, steamy voice jerking off for me. I got seriously distracted and hit an oncoming car head on. Not something I’ve ever really told anyone before now. Maybe Daddy, but I’m not totally sure. I was embarrassed to say the least! I guess you can say that I have a thing for voices. *giggles*

I don’t know exactly when I discovered my love of voices. It’s always been there. Some people comment on muscles or hair… I comment first on voices. Writing about this is mildly embarrassing. It shouldn’t be, but it is ever so slightly. I feel vulnerable.

I was about 15 the first time a man told me how sexy my voice is. I giggled, blushed and hurried past the comment as quick as possible. It came to be the one comment that I heard routinely by both men and women. I met a man online who would call me and beg me to talk to him about anything so that he could masturbate. I wasn’t on that level yet. It made me uncomfortable and go silent. These were the early days of discovering the power of my own voice and that of others.

There was a man I talked to for years who loved my voice, among other things. He described my voice as “liquid silk”. My username, Succulent Savage, is an extension of liquid silk.

I discovered phone sex in my twenties. That is when my voice fetish started to take off. The identity of the person no longer mattered. What they looked like. The sound of their voice could take me away into a sexual bliss I had difficulty finding other ways. A sexy voice can send me deep into subspace and bring about an orgasm on command alone.

Early in my relationship with Daddy he growled this deep, rolling roar that sent shivers down my spine and rendered me more submissive than I’d felt in ages.

Over the years I’ve had sex partners who are silent. No matter how good the physical element of being with them is, there is always the feeling that something is missing. I was slow to embrace dirty talk (either one of us), but once I did it’s the cherry on top bound to push me over the edge.

One of my favorite parts of voice play is when a conversation begins to shift and arousal begins. There’s a change in voices that just sets the mood and gets me going. It’s not what is said, but how it’s said. We can talk in metaphors (a personal favorite) about revving engines and acceleration or keep things on a casual conversation topic as the attraction becomes palpable. I love them both. It doesn’t matter if we’re at home, at a restaurant or over the phone, the process happens the same.

Next is the shift from talking and commands to heavy moans and pure need. There aren’t words left at that point. It’s still the auditory senses picking up the grunts and pure need along with bodies slapping.

Can you see a glimpse into just why I have a voice fetish???

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