Lunch with my SIL

A few days after Christmas I got a call out of the blue from my brother’s ex wife, A. She and I were always really close and had so much in common. I’ve missed her all the years we’ve been apart due to family drama and hurt.

Since Christmas we’ve stayed in contact and rekindled the friendship we always had. I’ve laughed more talking to her than I have in forever! Getting together has been on our mind since the first chat, but COVID has made us hold off. Last week we decided to have a safe, socially distanced lunch together.

Daddy and I are driving down her way. It’s almost 2 hours each way. If everything aligns right, my nephew may be able to make it as well. I haven’t seen him in what feels like forever. He’s the oldest and I have a soft spot for him that I don’t think he knows. He’s in his mid thirties, but in my mind and heart he’s always going to be the little 2 year old that sat in my lap and watched the little mermaid over and over again. ♥ I know, not the memory to remind him of at this point, but it’s my heart talking here.

Daddy is looking forward to the visit. He’s never been an uncle, except to the 4 legged kids of his sister and brother. After meeting two of my 3 brothers and having a horrible experience, having positive interaction with my family is something to look forward to.

Next Monday is our lunch. I’ll let you know how it goes. For one, it’ll be so good to be out of the house and interact with people aside from Daddy and the dogs. *giggles* The first visit we’ve had since COVID started.

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