New TV Shows

I’m not typically much of a TV watcher. Covid paired with winter has me chair bound (figuratively speaking) watching hours and hours of TV. I stumbled across a great series of shows that I’m really excited about. Perhaps they’ll tickle your fancy if you haven’t seen them before.

From the time I was tiny I’ve loved history, anthropology and archaeology. The shows I’ve got below are cast by historians and experimental archaeologists (I didn’t know that was a thing either!) spending months or a full year living a typical life in the era of the show. It’s not boring history or overly dramatic. Chock full of fun facts and charming, likeable characters the shows drew me in. Daddy and I have multiple shows on our watchlist to keep us busy. There are more than what I’ve got listed here. If history is even remotely interesting to you take the plunge and see what I mean.

Victorian Christmas was my first exposure to this show on Amazon Prime. Got me searching and found Victorian Farm. Daddy and I binge watched the entire season in a day.

I was so excited after finishing Victorian Farm that I added Edwardian Farm to my watchlist. We haven’t started this one yet.

I’ve been up all night glued to Secrets of the Castle with the same crew. I couldn’t find a trailer, but here’s a bit about it.

We also plowed through the Tudor Monastery Farm and the Tudor Christmas Feast this weekend. I’ve discovered a few others that are on my list for a while down the road.

If you’ve seen these or take a gander at my suggestion, please let me know what you think. I’m crazy excited about my new discovery.

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