End of my journey down memory lane today

I wrote this not long before I the fateful night I met Daddy.

A note to my future Daddy…

I’m a little with the tenderest of hearts,eager to please. Be gentle, please
Kind words and affection will bring you a happy, blooming babygirl. Guide me with sweetness. Explain why I have displeased you or a rule is in place should I ask. I’m NOT bratty to gain punishment and correction. I shrivel and withdraw under scrutiny and knowing I’ve displeased you. A simple “I wish you had” or “Next time” are sufficient to change my behavior if I am happy and content. Those simple words have brought tears at disappointing a daddy. Please let me be playful and bratty in my flirtacious ways! Allowme tease you with my special names just for you, pull your beard, tosstle your hair and tease you at work just to get a rise! I’m bratty like this because I adore you and trust you.

Don’t be angry with me when I feel little and afraid and need your big arms around me. Please see my tantrums as fear and NEEDING you. Don’t pull away, shame me for acting childishly, and PLEASE don’t deny me affection and care. Correct me later, but love my little first.

When this little is hurt enough she fights back and rears her cruel Domme fangs going for the kill.

I’m shy, tender, sweet, funny, loyal and loving beyond measure…..but a little more slow to trust and need patience and wooing to be lulled into trusting a new Daddy after beig shattered by a daddy. I’m worth the effort to love me.

No meanie butthead daddys need apply. 😛

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