Frustrated Vanity

Being pretty is one of those things I really enjoy. I’m a flirt and an attention whore. So the last month and half has been really hard on me! I had an injection of a new asthma medication on November 18th which caused me to immediately break out in eczema all over my FACE!!! It’s been a bit better and a lot worse, but it just won’t go away.

I should note that I’ve never had eczema like this before. I’ve had little bits on my elbows over the years and consistently in my ears which drives me insane, but it’s not the same as a massive red rash covering half my face. At first I thought it was hives. I took benadryl which didn’t help at all. Then we went the prednisone route which stopped the constant new and improved flares every day. Now I’m at a status quo of having really red cheeks and nose with huge red raised pimple like bumps all over my face which get itchy and dry if I don’t keep my face constantly moisturized.

This is a struggle for me on many levels. I battled really bad acne as a kid. I didn’t kick acne completely until my early 30s. It was made worse by being allergic to benzoil peroxide and most soaps making me break out in hives. My teens and early 20s were the worst, of course. That constant struggle of feeling good about myself with acne and being helpless to do anything about it. That same feeling has returned.

My pretty face is still under there and I know it’ll be clear again eventually. It’s just a struggle feeling out of control to do anything to actually heal my skin. I’d really be struggling if I had to go out in the world with this craziness on my face. It brings back memories of being sent home from school with hives from washing my face that morning with a new soap. Wearing a mask makes it a bit easier.

Hoping the dermatologist can help me get this flare up under control and teach me what to do to prevent and deal with potential new flares.

14 thoughts on “Frustrated Vanity

    1. I have a bit of that, too. I’ve found a brand of soap, toner and lotion which help some. I’ve got a spot on my left eyelid that’s really dry and itchy. I’m really hesitant to put lotions and soaps that close to my eye. *sigh* At least today’s a better day!! πŸ˜€

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