Happy Holidays, One and All

The New Year is just around the corner. I can’t wait. Honestly, in all my years I’ve never been so ready for a year to come to a close. lol This year I’m fairly certain most of the world’s population shares my regard.

Things are quiet here. Cold! My poor little fingies are icy as I sit here trying to type. Indeed, cold is a relative term. It’s California cold. Around the freezing point at night and low 50’s during the day. The best part of the cold is having the opportunity to swaddle up in my furs. 😉

Last night was the end of the Christmas prime rib. OMG! It was delish! Followed Guy Fieri’s recipe for dry aged prime rib on the Food Network app. I highly recommend it if you’re a hardcore carnivore like myself. Tonight I’m finishing up the cream filled mashed potatoes along side broiled pork chops and steamed broccoli. I’m getting hungry!

The holidays are time for kindness, forgiveness and remembering those we’ve lost touch with over the years. I was delightfully surprised to get a message from my brother’s ex wife. It’s been a long many years since we’ve had a good chat. Of my entire family, not including my nieces and nephews, she was always my favorite. You know, the person in your family you’d choose. We had a long conversation full of laughter, catching up and the ever glorious family gossip session. lol For the two of us it’s always been a particular delight… we see things from the same perspective. ;P

All is well here. Not a complaint to be found. Happy holidays and a safe, healthy and happy 2021 to all who stop by.

♥ Jodie

20 thoughts on “Happy Holidays, One and All

      1. Drunk sounds good!!! lol The boys are wonderful!! They’re snuggled up on the sofa together “watching” the new version of Sabrina the teenage witch on Netflix. Don’t judge! lmao! Grumpy has gotten so big! I’m looking forward to a quiet night alone this year. Not my typical NYE desire.


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