Meeting the In-Laws

Stephen and I have been living together more than 2 years now and I hadn’t met the in-laws. Well, we fixed that this past weekend. I’ve had a number of phone conversations with his brother and spoken briefly with his wife, but pretty much zippo with Stephen’s sister. I was hurt and angry for a long time that she put absolutely no effort into wanting to talk to me or meet me at all. I got over that a ways back. LOL The phone and effort goes both ways. Alas, on Sunday we had a Zoom date with my sister and brother in-law.

They were friendly and warm. We clicked instantly. 🙂 Stephen’s sister is a talker, much like the two of us, her husband much quieter. I know that well. lol Having a couple where both parties are major talkers isn’t terribly successful unless both are good at give and take. I find that few talkers also make good listeners… 🙂

I was surprised on many levels about his sister. She was nothing at all like what I expected. Everything from personality, voice, to interests and what she looks like. Not in a bad way at all. She just didn’t fit the image I had in my head. Her husband even less so. I dare say they probably had a bit of the same with me. *giggles*

After almost 2 hours on Zoom I had to start wrapping up our chat. We were celebrating Thanksgiving that day and hadn’t eaten anything yet and I had a fair amount of cooking ahead of me. I could only sneak so many shrimp off camera before I was too hungry to not seriously start planning dinner. Arranging appointments with the 3 hour time difference is always a challenge.

We ended with my SIL saying we should meet for a chat like this with some regularity. We were both pleased with the idea. We’ll see when our next one is.

Hope everyone is plugging along into December with a smile.

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