Bratty Banter

Daddy has a job interview tonight… at 11:30 pm! He works in the hotel industry, so there is no way i could skip over the obvious teasing points. 😀

i started out calling His interview a “date”. He growled at me, “kitten… it is not!” i just giggled and grinned. “It is with a woman?” His brow furrowed… “Yes.” “See! It’s a date! AND You’re meeting her at hotel at 11:30pm.” He finally started laughing with a hint of caution.

“Don’t get too handsome, Daddy” i chided as He went up to shower and dress. He started to scold, “kitttteeennn“. i laughed and told Him to get really handsome because He’s coming home to MEEEE!!!!! “That’s right, kitten.”

Sent Him out the door with a tight hug and kiss wishing Him luck. He’ll be home soon with details about His “date”.

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