Deep Thoughts from the Bathtub

I always do the deepest thinking in the bathtub. Probably because I get really quiet and there are no distractions. Now that I’m all squeaky clean and smell like pears I can tell you what I was thinking about. Money!

I got a lot of crap last year when the water main burst in my house and I didn’t have $10,000+ on hand to cover the immediate expenses. The plumbing not covered by insurance for starters without getting into the costs of being displaced from my home for almost a month during repairs and all the little things which add up in major unexpected home repairs.

In all honesty, it’s not until today that I sat back and really questioned how realistic it is for most Americans to handle a major unexpected expense like that. I was so caught up in the stress and overwhelm of the year long struggle that I didn’t have time to question how many people would be able to handle a similar situation much better than I did.

As I started thinking about it I realized that there are tons of responsible, working people who can’t handle getting a brake job in an emergency not to talk about thousands of dollars. I’m not on a liberal rant about income inequity, though it is an issue. I’m more talking about the reality that many of us face. The shame and guilt began to shed away as I really let in the fact that a situation like I was in would wipe out the life savings of some while it would be an impossible situation for others.

Those who shamed and guilted me are in positions of being able to handle such an incident without much hardship. Not a reality for the vast majority of us.

Alas, I did some Googling to see what average savings are like for Americans in 2020. I haven’t fact checked the source I’m posting because it is in line with all of the information I’ve seen and heard for decades. When I read that the median savings is less than $5,000 for a family my heart sank. I am in the majority. How very sad that most of us wouldn’t be able to handle an emergency.

I’m sitting here with a mixed bag of feelings now. I’m a bit more frustrated at those who shamed and blamed me, while being sad that there are so many others just like me.

7 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts from the Bathtub

  1. indeed saving for a rainy day isn’t something most think about. i am ready for a storm and my ex got some of that during the divorce. so i will start saving up again.
    love that you had a chance o sit back in the bath and just thought about life.
    Have a great weekend

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  2. The thing that shocked me about this post is that people wanted to shame and blame you for the unenviable position you found yourself in! As you say, not many people have the availability of that kind of finance available to them in an emergency situation. So, to know that people were actively looking down their noses at you incites me to riot quite frankly! There but for the grace of some imaginary dude in the sky go they… HUGS darlin’, don’t feel too frustrated with them, honestly, they aren’t worth the effort of that strength of emotion. xx

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  3. Having been down to my last dollar a couple of times, I understand that situation. I try to save to have six months of expenses on hand. Difficult to deny getting something you want to save for something you will need. Finally able to have that in the last ten years.

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