Christmas Came Early… Again!

Before Daddy moved out here He told me that He always wears slippers around the house. The pair He had was raggedy and weren’t coming with Him. Being who I am, I dragged my bestie shopping with me and got Him a pair the day He arrived so they’d be ready and waiting. After 2 years of daily wear the slippers I got for Him are raggedy with holes in the sole. A passing mention was all it took.

Sheepskin Slippers with Roll Up Cuff @

I ordered these slippers for Him a couple weeks ago patiently waiting for them to arrive. I knew all along He’d be getting them early! *wink, wink* I couldn’t bare the thought of Him running around in the nasty, broken down slippers when He has really nice new ones just sitting.

When He checked the mail today guess what was there? Yep, you got it. These babies! He slipped them right on and hasn’t taken them back off. 😀 Perfect day for cuddly new slippers. It’s cold and rainy here.

No more early presents or there won’t be any!!!!

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