Adventures in Switching!

For the last few months Daddy and I have been exploring switching. I discovered my Domme side a number of years ago, while Daddy is a bit later in taking submission for a test drive despite having fantasies and desires for a few specific scenarios. He’s asked me not to go into details, so I’ll just skim the surface and talk about my experience of dominating.

I’ve always loved the sexual prowess of finding what drives a man to a point of being puddy in my hands for the pleasure I can dole out. Being the ultimate desire is rather fun! Let’s be honest, I’m more than a little bit of a control freak. Having control over another is a huge turn on!

It all started by accident with us. We were playing Yahtzee and I started teasing Him in a thick Russian accent. It progressed pretty fast. I think I wrote about it shortly after it happened. It was extremely hot and some of the best sex we’ve had to date.

My first experience of being in 4 point restraints left more than a little to be desired. The light clicked on and Daddy went into them. Fun was had by all! *giggles* Toys came out, a bit of smothering, sensation play. Again, a great time was had by all!!

A couple nights ago I took it to a whole other level!!! *Wicked grin* We were messing around and I just wasn’t quite into it. We all have those days. Rather than stop everything, I switched the script. A stern order to turn onto His stomach followed by handcuffs. Neither of us were expecting what happened. Quick reminder of safe words and we were off and running. Fur and leather whip working magic in a way I only hoped He’d enjoy followed by assistance of a pocket rocket to the base of His balls sent Him into a frenzy.

Pushing the limits is what I do. It’s fun and exciting. I’m also learning the edges of my own boundaries as a Domme. I’ve had a few Domme drops throughout my journey. The other night I was close. I needed serious reassurance that what I did was ok and I hadn’t pushed limits too far. I got that. For me, being a switch is great fun sexually. I’m not wired to be a full time Domme. I will always revert back to being Daddy’s little one.

We’re exploring new territory and having a great time doing it.

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