A Quiz on Eating Out

Stumbling through my feed I saw NothingButKnit share this quiz https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/32787/posts/3015760132. I enjoy most quizzes and this one is no different.

Daddy and I have been out to eat a number of times since Covid. We’ve been fortunate to have a wide variety of outside dining venues to choose from. Nearly all of our favorite Date Night spots have been closed up for months and we’ve got our fingers crossed we’ll be able to go once again.

On to the quiz…

  • If you could go out to eat today, what restaurant would you go to? What would you order? I’d love to go to The Villa and sit in our favorite booth overlooking the skyline views of Sonoma county. It’s an old fashioned Italian dinner house. White table cloths, towel over the server’s arm, fantastic food and classical baroque music piped through the dining room. I’d order the crab cioppino.
  • We already talked about the best meal we’ve ever eaten. What is the worst? I’m going to save us all the ramble of bad restaurant food I’ve had over the years and go straight for the home cooked disaster Daddy made a couple months ago. I’d reached that point of seriously over hungry tipping quickly into hangry and far beyond whiny. Eating was an emergency!!! Being the good Daddy He is, He set off in the kitchen to make me the burger I’d requested. He served us hockey pucks on a bun! Not the worst meal ever, but far more fun to tease Daddy than complain. ;P
  • Do you have fond memories of a bygone restaurant? Did you have a favorite meal you miss? My favorite restaurant closed down a few years ago. The chef retired after decades of preparing the best German food I’ve had. It was a treat. Special occasions, birthdays, or the occasional just because treat. I’m truly disappointed that Daddy will never enjoy the delights of Chef Robert. I can honestly say that everything was good, but boiling it down to favorites meant having spaetzle, hot red cabbage and the selection of sausages. The dark European bread was to die for. Leaving without a steaming cup of turkish coffee was a sin. My mouth is watering just a bit thinking about it.
  • When I was a kid it was a huge deal to go out to eat. What childhood restaurant memory do you have? Eating out was a regular part of my childhood. Once a week our family would go to the Hoffbrau or the King’s Table. The Hoffbrau was always my favorite! In all honesty, once I hit junior high my mom stopped cooking and we ate out most nights. The thrill of eating out was lost long ago. A great home cooked meal is much more exciting and reminiscent of the best food parts of my childhood.
  • Fast food and casual dining restaurants are all the rage in the US. Do you have a favorite? How about one you avoid? In short, fast food and casual chain restaurants are on my no fly zone 100%. The food is bad, expensive, the service is mediocre at best and I end up writhing in pain afterwards from gluten exposure. Once I took interest in cooking my standards of what I’ll eat and pay for shifted dramatically. Trying to hang out and grab a bite to eat with me is historically difficult. lol

5 thoughts on “A Quiz on Eating Out

  1. Fun read, Succulent! We have still been avoiding restaurants around here. The only time we’ve eaten out since March was when we were on vacation a few weeks ago. I’ve been enjoying cooking and it has definitely been good for our waistlines. The silver lining of Covid, I suppose?

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  2. We’ve only eaten at a restaurant twice throughout all this, both times we sat outside and we were the only diners, but have ordered delivery or placed an order for pickup. As much as we miss our favorite spots, we’ve saved so much money eating in. Hopefully, your favorite spots survive this.

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