Permanent Present Tense

Now that life is back in balance again and I feel like I’m on solid footing, the hankering to go back to school has struck again. I was in the middle of the fall semester of my final year of undergraduate work when life went haywire and I had to drop out. I was actively applying to graduate schools. There was so much going on in my life for so long that I simply gave up on the idea of ever going back. Accept what is and move along. Easier said than done!

Part of the desire to go back to school is from the lack of intellectual growth and exercise I’ve had over the last few years being a housewife. The lack of exposure to new things and using my impressively sharp mind less and less. In short, I’m bored and feeling like I’m getting dumb! If I’m really honest with myself, returning to school and pursuing a Ph.D. at this point in my life is unreasonable. I went in search of a middle ground. Staying home and enjoying the relaxed life of a doted on housewife and stretching my brain muscles once again.

Neuroscience, memory acquisition, and perception are the areas of psychology that made me light up and get excited. How the neurons fire, what neurotransmitters do what and what part of the brain does what… it just makes sense to me! Daddy is always really impressed when I start talking about this stuff. 😉

I found some middle ground. Going back to school isn’t feasible at this point, however, reviewing my textbooks and reading books on the suggested reading lists is 100% possible! In stacks of books is my copy of “Permanent Present Tense” which I read about half relaxing in bed the other day.

The story of a man who had a partial lobotomy in the 1950’s to treat unrelenting seizures. The surgery inadvertently caused permanent amnesia leaving Henry unable to form any new long term memories. His tragedy sparked the study of neuroscience and memory allowing scientific jumps in discovery which would have taken decades longer.

My neurons are firing and all lit up just thinking about delving back into the book and reigniting my passion for this part of psychology!

5 thoughts on “Permanent Present Tense

  1. you are very intelligent and that shows by your writing and desire to continue to grow.
    it’s never to late to go back to school. i received my undergard at 35 my first MS at 45 and my MBA from Northwetern at 50. . retired of the stress from working and retired at 57 8 years ago. i enjoy life.
    most schools are online go back if you want and can

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    1. I’m 48 1/2 at this point and absolutely love the freedom of being a housewife. I miss working sometimes, but far from enough to seriously consider going back. The stress is too much for me these days. No point in spending huge sums of money I don’t have for a degree I’ll never use. The desire will always be there, but the comfort of life has settled in and I’m spoiled. It’s far more fun to dream about that than to actually do. ♥

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