Gift Giving

With Christmas and a slew of traditional gift giving occasions coming up I’m running into one of my most charming little characteristics. *giggles* Wanting to give gifts that I buy for someone immediately.

I put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect gifts for those I love. Hours in the Hallmark store reading every card until I find the one that’s just right for the occasion. It doesn’t matter if I just run across a little something in a store that screams “Daddy” to me or if I’ve actively hunted for the right gift to make Him happy, the result is the same. I’m so excited for Him to have it that I’m bubbling over to give it to Him from the moment I see Him.

This is a trait I’ve had all my life. Knowing this about me, Daddy has started telling me “No” when I start to bubble over about my shopping adventures. Daddy never says no! It makes it even more meaningful to obey this command and keep the secret, but it’s killing me inside in the best submissive way possible. *giggles*

One gift has been given. I simply couldn’t resist. I ordered a special Christmas book from a site that customizes stories with your information and animated characters which you choose all the options on appearance. It is so sweet, romantic, funny and so US that I just couldn’t wait. The day it arrived Daddy needed a hug bigger than one I could physically give Him. This little book did the trick. β™₯

Writing this post, I’m dying to write about the stuff I’ve found to make Him smile, but I can’t because He reads all my posts! I’m trying so hard to be good!!!! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Gift Giving

  1. I get so excited giving gifts. At Christmas for my son. I sit and watch rapt with attention to see if he enjoys what I have picked out for him. Same for his birthday. This year I took him on a shopping spree. Letting him pick out the things that he wanted. A little different but he loved it. I can’t wait to read about the Christmas gift giving… Christmas time. πŸ™‚

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