I’m tired of being sick! *whining*

For the last month I’ve been on and off antibiotics and prednisone for a sinus infection that just won’t go away!

I started the miracle combo right away and had a horrible side effect to the antibiotics. 😦 It’s known to cause tendonitis in the Achilles heel. I’d taken it several times with excellent luck. This was not the case this time. *sigh* I’ve been down nursing tendonitis for a few weeks. I’m almost on the mend. I can walk fine, just not very far. A walk around the block with the puppies and I’m in pain. All in good time!!!

Over the weekend the massive infection took a turn for the worse yet again. Migraine level pain with dizziness. Walking across the room was not happening well or often. Nearly falling a few times put Daddy on high alert and me on bed rest. Started round 2 of the prednisone Sunday with Sudafed to help with the congestion. New antibiotics started Tuesday. Yesterday was awful!! I actually felt “sick”. Lots of bed rest, liquids and Moana on repeat and I’m feeling better today.

Not ready to run a marathon (literally or figuratively), but I feel human again. A few small chores to get done before I go crazy and a trip to the copy place to scan the stuff needed for my change of trustee case in a couple weeks and I’m down for the day.

Blue skies today with temps back in a decent range. The heat waves have been atrocious! I’ve missed reading all the blogs and catching up on what’s going on. Perhaps I can get back to more normal activity sooner rather than later? Ah… things with Daddy are going really well. 😉 Therapy is a bitch (for Him), but He’s putting in the work and we’re falling back into our routine of happy Daddy and little with tons of affection, giggles, and Daddy/kitten playtime when I feel well enough. Cuddles and giggles are better than sex sometimes. ;D Have a wonderful day, friends! ♥

6 thoughts on “I’m tired of being sick! *whining*

    1. It’s my most recent favorite Disney. 🙂 I did Beauty and the Beast for the longest time. The version with actors is my favorite. Was time for a change. Daddy enjoys watching Moana with me, so it’s more fun. He’s so not a fan of B&B.

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