2nd Munch in T- 35 minutes

i shared a couple weeks ago that Daddy & i went to an online ageplay munch. Wasn’t really our group. i was cruising Fetlife reading some of the vast writings to choose from when i decided to look at events. Low & behold, one interested me. It starts today at 5pm California time.

Daddy was hit with the news that i signed us (or at least me) up for this when He woke up from a nap less than an hour ago. *giggles* Hit & runs are sometimes the best way to present things. No time to think. (i used to use this technique often at work with my more difficult clients.)

This one is more of a class with elements of a munch on the topic of erotic hypnosis. i’m quite excited!!! Hope we enjoy it more than the last one. i’ll let ya know how it goes….

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