kitten’s kitchen

Spent pretty much all day in the kitchen cooking yesterday. i started early with spaghetti sauce for dinner. Next thing you know i’m making apple cranberry sauce to can followed by hand pies and a regular pie. Everything from scratch! While i was cooking Daddy was upstairs cleaning house. Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, putting a new piece of furniture together. We were busy. Dinner was good and much needed. We both got so busy that we didn’t eat anything until we sat down for dinner.

The hand pies went to neighbors after trying one each. We’re shipping the jars of sauce back to Daddy’s brother and sister tomorrow. A little fall treat. They always hear how good my cooking is… now they get to try.

Tonight is leftover night. *giggles* There’s a mishmash of yummies in the fridge to throw together when it’s time.

9 thoughts on “kitten’s kitchen

      1. I’m good with the cinnamon and the maple, but bacon?? I’ll take your word for it… 😂🤣😂🤣

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      2. It was outrageous, Michael! *giggles* I followed a recipe that Chef Anne Burrell did. Candied bacon is a serious thing… it should have cinnamon on it. I was a bit skeptical, too, til I tried it. 😀

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