Struck by Wild Fires Again!

Late Sunday night Daddy and i were watching TV when the alerts started coming in non-stop. We packed a “just in case” bug out bag. Next thing you know we’re losing power and the NIXLE reports are literally non-stop telling us we’re in a warning area. 5am we went from warning to mandatory evacuation.

Grabbed our bags, the dogs and off we went… again. This time our planning was not sufficient for never going home again. We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to come home and plan for that. Our home is once again in the warning zone.

The fires struck our immediate neighborhood. Just a few hours before we evacuated, we’d been sitting in a park next to the local high school which burned. 1.5 miles away from our home. Far too close for comfort.

Being evacuated, you talk to people who are in total fear of losing their homes and those who have already lost them. The fear and stress are palpable. Year after year we evacuate our homes truly not sure if we’ll have a home to return to.

With COVID 19 still an issue, the evacuation centers are filling very quickly with the limited number of beds allowed for safety. People are driving farther and farther for safety. Those fortunate to have the funds to stay in hotels are still in the stress and worry of how long it will last and will their home still be there. Our fears are the same. We came home during the warning so that our money will last us should we have to evacuate again.

All across the country, people are losing their livelihoods and their homes from natural disasters and COVID. This is the 5th consecutive year that wildfires have hit this area with major losses. Our fire season isn’t over yet. Not until November. The reality is, we could be at risk again once this fire settles.

2% containment at this point with really swift spread, heatwaves and winds. I am a firm believer in Sonoma Strong. I am also a realist. Just because we endure the fires and continue to rebuild each year doesn’t mean that we’re ok. It means we’ve learned to survive under insane circumstances.

i’m tired. The hellacious air quality has me in yet another asthma and sinus infection flair up. No rest for the wicked.

Daddy will be back soon. He went back to the hotel to gather up the rest of our things. We came home together to be sure home was safe enough to stay. He’s also stopping by the pharmacy to pick up my next big batch of emergency meds for the sickness at hand.

i should get a few things pulled together while i wait for the potential of yet another mandatory evacuation. Another red warning tomorrow.

Grateful to be safe!!! i keep telling myself that things are replaceable…..

8 thoughts on “Struck by Wild Fires Again!

  1. I know you’re exhausted, I know your asthma is wracking you, but you are right to remember things are replaceable, your health is not. You must always put you and your loved ones first, last and always lovely lady. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re all going through. I sincerely hope that what ever happens, you all remain safe and well. ((((HUGS)))) to you both. ((((hugs)))) for the dogs too. I know how stressed animals get when there’s fire danger.
    I wish there was something useful I could say to help you. I’m sorry. xxx Thinking of you all.

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